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A book to unite Malaysians


" I’d like to recolor May 13th. I would like to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative aspects and memories and replace them with positive meanings and values. I want our future generation to see this date with kind and loving recollections. We can always change things, if we so willed it "Dear brother and sister Malaysians,I find it difficult to write this advertisement as I try to balance business needs and a social cause.I think I may have a win-win situation which I would like to propose. First let me start by explaining zubedy’s purpose.zubedy is a for profit organization that combines business goals with a social cause.We at zubedy want to unite people. We want to get people to work together. And we believe many of you are with us. We have met many Malaysians who believe in our cause and are interested in our Brand but the cost of attending our training programs while reasonably priced for corporations and organizations is a little expensive for individuals.We want to offer something affordable so more Malaysians can experience and share our brand and work for Unity.

So here we are today, May 13th 2009, with the launch of “Have a Meaningful Malaysia,” the first in the “Books to Unite People Series.”“Have a Meaningful Malaysia,” is a collection of zubedy full page advertisements from 2001 – 2008. We have reworked the text in the ads and included information on the extraordinary people featured in the ads.If you are familiar with our ads you’ll know that this book is not just a collection of ads but a clarion call for Unity, because at zubedy, we have a desire to bring people together. Specifically, we want to unite Malaysians. UNITY ROCKS! Unity is our way forward.Unity is our only option to live in peace, love and happiness.We want to promote HOPE. We want to convince you that individuals like you and I can make a difference; we may be not be effective individually, but together, we are powerful. The combined actions of individuals, ordinary Malaysians like you and I, can make this country greater – beyond our dreams – so our children will inherit a Malaysia that is more united, stronger and beautiful.

This is the first of Unity offerings under “Many Colors, One Race” a banner for products and services that will bring together Malaysians and later the world to become One, while keeping the splendor of our diversity intact.It is a big dream, and yes, I am a dreamer. We will start with small steps each day because “sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit”. Will you dream with me? Will you join me in making this dream come true, no matter what it takes? Imagine…our nation united.What the book covers?“Have a Meaningful Malaysia,” is concise and reader-friendly.Remarkable men and women in history:You will get to know 45 remarkable men and women in history from various ethnic groups from all over the world. People like Tirruvalluvar, the great Tamil poet who wrote the Tirukural, a masterpiece of ethical insights written more than two thousand years ago but still relevant today; Tsai Lun the inventor of paper; you may not be reading this newspaper, in this form, if not for his invention; Ajahn Chah, a Thai meditation master whose teachings influence the oldest school of Buddhism worldwide.Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, who spoke for peace and justice and became the “voice for the voiceless”, in El Salvador; Egyptian religious scholar and reformer, Muhammad Abduh, who advocated modern science at Al-Azhar University; Bhai Kanhaiya who was born in present day Pakistan, he treated wounded soldiers in battlefields and served enemies and friends alike, a hundred years before the Red Crescent; and our own Tunku Abdul Rahman, “Bapa Malaysia”, a man with a big heart who knew how to forgive and forget, and how to give and take, who united us and made possible the birth of our nation.

Gems of Wisdom:In “Have a Meaningful Malaysia”, you will get a taste of gems of wisdom like: ''When one has faith, then he thinks'' - Swami Chinmayanda, ''Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win'' - Sun Tzu, ''Peace comes from within'' -The Buddha, ''Teaching is one of the most meaningful profession'' -Jubal Lourdes, ''There are many lamps, but only one light'' - Jalaluddin Rumi, ''Service that comes from the heart is akin to miracles. It takes one to give, and two will benefit, the one who gives and the one who receives'' - Bhagat Puran Singh.The book stresses our shared values and festivals. It promotes understanding as we practice muhibbah and open our hearts and homes for Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Wesak, Christmas, Aidil Fitri, Vaisakhi and Hari Malaysia. The significance of all these festivals from a Malaysian point of view are illuminated. While others around the world celebrate most of these occasions, we Malaysians have our particular ways that are uniquely ours that we share with other Malaysians, regardless of race or religion.
Good corporate values:
And as zubedy is a management consultancy, the book touches on good corporate culture and how to do well in a corporate setting. Topics include: what top management look for in top talent? Why marketing is the foundation of business? Why you must build a brand and not just let it happen? Why you need to listen to and support your CEO? Why change disappoints and confuses employees and how to deal with change? And the joys of working and how to find it, among others.How to use the book?With your familyOn page 63 in the book, we quoted Mother Theresa: ‘Love begins by taking care of the closest ones -- the ones at home’. If we want to change our nation and the world we must first change ourselves and our families. Share the book with your spouse, children, siblings and other family members. Ask questions about the people featured in the book. Read with your children, ask them who is the most influential Chinese in history and why - Tsai Lun on page 33 in the book, he is one of the most influential persons in history. Share and explain to children the significance of Hari Malaysia, how our forefathers came together, compromised, worked together and created Malaysia (Chapter 7). Tell them why everyone today must find ways to do the same, and one day they will be adults and hold the mantle to continue living in Unity.With your friendsGet the book as their next present, especially if they are from a different race or religion. Use the information in the book as take off points to share the wisdom of each other’s traditions. Gain knowledge from each other and find similarities and common grounds, learn to understand the differences and develop respect and love amongst each other. My best friend Jubal Lourdes is featured on page 60. When presented with a predicament, in his effort to come up with the best possible solution, Jubal, a devout Christian would earnestly ask and consider what Jesus would have done. Ever since secondary school we talked about and worked on projects for unity, culminating in zubedy. Jubal passed away in 2002, we miss him very much, I am happy that some of his ideas and ideals are still practiced and going strong today at zubedy.If you have foreign friends, use this book to introduce our glorious nation, people, culture, traditions and beliefs. Explain to them that as Malaysians we have learned not only to live in diversity, but that variety has helped us grow and become better citizens of the world.With your colleagues Share the knowledge you learn from the book so you, your colleagues and organization will grow at a faster speed. Unlike in school where the culture is to horde information and where we were not allowed to copy each other, in business we thrive by sharing and copying or emulating one another.How do you and your colleagues feel about the idea that the true test of morale is performance, not conformity? This means producing results (page 41). Discuss whether you are a Culture Builder, Culture Maintainer or Culture Follower and how to avoid becoming a Culture Disruptor and what to do if you are.(page 97).If you are a business leader or Manager Use this book as jump off points to discuss better corporate culture. The book contains bite sized information on top management thinking, business concepts and ethical foundations. On page 25 we explain the four crucial business functions, page 19 talks about why corruption is bad for business and on page 79, you can read about how to minimize silo mentality.Use this book as company and corporate gifts, incentives and presents. Make it available for your team and vendors. Place copies in the company library and waiting areas. Why we launch it today on May 13th?"Do, don't talk. Take action, don't complain. Practise, don't preach" - a quote on page 41.People in business like to make things happen. Instead of complaining or whining we prefer to break seemingly huge problems into manageable tasks, and deal with them to the best of our ability, clinically and methodologically, because if we do not do so, we will not get anything done and we might as well close shop.I’d like to recolor May 13th. I would like to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative aspects and memories and replace them with positive meanings and values. I want our future generation to see this date with kind and loving recollections. We can always change things, if we so willed it.Each year zubedy will offer something through the “Many Colors, One Race” banner whether it is a publication, or something else. Whatever it is, it will exemplify unity and it will be offered with the hope that as years go by, May 13th will be associated with togetherness and oneness, shared values and all things good about Malaysia.Join me, please.Balancing business needs and a social causeIf you really cannot afford RM46.00 for the book (one ringgit for each year since 1963 – the year Malaysia was born), go ahead and borrow one from a friend and photocopy it. I do not want you to feel guilty doing it. Only one for your own use, okay. (But, please do not make copies and start a business - that is my job!)For the rest of you who can afford it, don’t be so cheapskatelah (especially my fellow brother and sister Penangites, we must not be too kiam siap ha!ha!), take out a RM50.00 bill, pay the RM46.00 and put the extra RM4.00 into the donation box by the cash counter. When zubedy makes a profit, we will pay taxes – one of the reasons we need business organizations. The taxes will go to providing better roads, schools, healthcare etc.In the long run when zubedy grows bigger and can afford a bigger advertising budget we will carry our Unity message in other media too.One day as you drive along the highway and see a billboard showing Malaysian children playing with love and respect for each other, you will smile knowing you have played a part and contributed to that message.In conclusionMy dear brother and sister Malaysians, if we really want to make this country great, peaceful and vibrant, we must play an active role. Regardless of whom we are or what we do, we must take right actions. While whining and complaining will give us temporary relief, it does not get us anywhere.Let us all take small steps each day – do something pleasant for our neighbour, get to really know someone from a different background, and speak something good about the ‘other side’.We must see Unity in diversity, unite and be one. Unity Rocks! Let’s be Bangsa Malaysia.Many Colors, One Race.let us add value

BY:anas zubedy

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